Born in Antananarivo in the Madagascar’s island, belonging to a whole artistic family – her father was a poet and a theater actor and her mother was a very famous and known Madagascar ‘s literature teacher and her sister is a professional dancer too, she’s arrived in France in 1998 at the age of twenty two to be involved on a training connected for style fashion and model fashion on the Supdemod center in Lyon.
She has passed her diploma and she has joined after at the University Lumière Lyon II for two years a training connected to modern letters and arts.
Her own professional career took place and began in 2002 on a shop belonging to the Pass Paris group in a selling in Lyon called « Creation and model fashion » where she has been, both, for two years style fashioner and manager of the local area.
This kind of experience and her strong enjoyment to create her own and proper models have given up for her the opportunity to create in 2004 her first shop of fashion and accessories called “De soi en soie – which you can translate as silk for myself” in Villeurbanne, in the suburbs of Lyon’s.

Mialy Seheno has developed easily and fastly her own and proper style with the using of different materials connected to the ground of Madagascar as wild silk, mixed up cotton, both mixed up silk and raphia which is called localy “jabo”…) integrated about her initial culture and of her adoptive region too (silk of Lyon’s) but she has always, and at any moment, improved her own style with a modern, current and creative French touch. A journalist of Marie-Claire magazine has called her style in 2006 as “landing on and luxury way of future style”.
The several show rooms where she was involved in since fifteen years (the first was made in the Hilton Hotel in 1997 in Madagascar), where she was pointed out and known, and then in Johannesburg in South Africa and then all in 1998 on the site called “L’embarcadère – The harbor seat” in Lyon’s, some months after her arrival in France, have been always strongly applause for the creativity and the original made in of her creations and fashion models.

These great first successes have defined carefully her professional project.

She opened in 2011 a second shop in Lyon’s where she precised and confirmed her style, sum up by this sentence that you could read in the front of the shop « landing on, luxury, current and modern style ».
After a training in Greta (French Training Center) as Quality Controller for Fashion, Textile and Leather, for the first part of 2015, she has rebuilt and renewed her range “Mialy Seheno” in France and for the International Course with her own collections for fall and winter 2016.

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